Industrial clients

Our experiences, and those acquired by our international technological partners, are particularly strong in the following segments:

  • Food industry, particularly the brewing, soft drink, fruit and vegetable processing, dairy, meat and poultry, pet food, alcohol and starch, sugar and fish processing industries.
  • Industries related to oil and emulsions, for instance: petrochemical industry, machinery, parts manufacturing, steel and aluminium industries, metal cutting industry,
  • Paper Industry, Textile Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Chemical Industry,
  • As well as, various heavy metal emitting industries, ceramics and stone processing industry,
  • Landfill sites, and other waste processing industries.

Local public utility companies, municiplaities

Inwatech has significant experience in exclusively communal or mixed wastewater treatment, rainwater treatment. We consider waterworks as one of our most important clients, to which we not only offer construction services, but also long-term professional partnerships. We offer our general contractor-engineering skills especially in 2 fields:

  • Reconstruction and expansion of existing wastewater treatment plants,
  • Design and construction of new wastewater treatment plants.