The next ContiSeq is built on Tapolca!

In October, we started the reconstruction works of the municipal wastewater treatment plant in Tapolca on behalf of Colas-Alterra Zrt under a KEHOP program. During the implementation, we maintain continuous operation with full capacity and efficiency of the existing plant. The previous, fragmented, outdated technology is replaced by a compromise-free new technology block. The new ContiSeq technology will have extremely low power demand, providing high and stable cleaning efficiency under varying load conditions. The effluent flows through a polishing filter into the Tapolca stream, with the strictest specifications. Following a new mechanical precleaning, two parallel ContiSeq ™ basins carry out biological purification. The whole sludge system is rebuilt as well.


Part of the old technology is retained with a general reserve function. The switching to the new process line is scheduled for next spring, and the conversion of the existing remaining part of the plant will begin. The launch of the test run is scheduled for autumn 2018.